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APA precision punching machine-80T

APA precision punching machine-80T

APA precision punching machine-80T
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Capacity (ton)80T
Stroke per minute(spm)35-80/80-120
Stroke (mm)150/70
Double solenoid valveMAC
FOB portShenzhen, china
Update Time2019-07-21
Detail Information

About APA precision punching machine :

The machine body is welded of quality steel sheel and treated by tension elimination. improve stability and reliability of precision of the machine. In order to  guarantee the machine running in stable and smooth, adopts the design of symmetrical two slid board with balancer. The precision of mold adjusting up to 0.1mm,safety,reliable and convenient. Crank,gear,connect bar are oxidized hardening and milled ,having super comprehensive mechanical performance and durable function. Reasonable structural design is convenient for automatic production and line production. Used reliable high intensity clutch/brake and twin eletromagnetic valve, overloading protector can guarantee safe production all-around.

Product Features;


High rigidity, low integrated clearance, small  changing in mold height,

small deviation of dynanmic center, the mold life in large scale, small transfiguration for press


High precision processing, high efficiency operation, machine to ensure products of high quality

3. Operational;

Facilitate the operation of implementation, fixed locking type six-surface guide way, cutting low-noise, safe and reliable operating state

Technology Informations & Specification 

Capacity 80 Ton
Model V H
Rated tonnage point 4 mm 2 mm
Stroke 150 mm 70 mm
Stable Speed (Stroke per minute) 65 SPM 65 SPM
Speed change (Stroke per minute) 35-80 SPM 80-120 SPM
Die height 340 mm 380 mm
Bolster area 1000*550*90 mm
Slide area 560*420*70 mm
Slide adjustment 80 mm
Shank hole Ф50 mm
Main motor(KW*P) VS7.5*4
Slide adjusting device Electric driving
Air pressure (kg/cm2) 6
Press precision GB/JIS first class
Press dimension 1800*1180*2800 mm
Gross weight  6.5 T
Die cushion capacity  3.6 T
Stroke of die cushion  70 mm
Effective area of die cushion  450*310 mm
Package Film and wooden case
Delivery time 25 working days
After-sale service 12 months


Standard Unit Optional
Inverter Automatic lubrication system
Hydraulic over-load protector Pneumatic die cushion device
Manual slide adjust device
(APA below 60B)
Foot switch
Automatic slide adjust device (APA60B or more) Fost mdd change device (Die lifter, clamp and die arm sepjes)
Main motor (adjustable) Slide knock-out device
Die height indicator (APA below 60B) Photo-electronic safety device
Automatic die height indicator (APA60B or more) Feeder
Balance device Uncoiler
Rotary cam switch  Leveler
Crank angle indictor Robot hand
Electrical stroke counter Die room light 
Air source receptacle Touch pad (preset, total counter)
Against over-run safety device Electrical slide adjust device (15-60T)
Air ejector  
Misfeed detection consent  
Power supply  
Anti-vibration pad  
Maintenance tool box  
Operation manual  

Key components list with brand

No. Key Components List Brand
1 Motor TECO,Taiwan
2 Inverter Yaskawa
3 TOYOOK MAC,America
4 MultistageSwitch Fuji,Japan
5 Solenoid valve MAC,America
6 Pressure switch Fuji,Japan
7 Air switch and external parts Fuji,Japan
8 Switching power supply Fuji,Japan
9 Grease seal SKY,Japan
10 Hydraulic overloading protection device        Kingair,Taiwan
11 Manual slide adjustment device Kingair,Taiwan
12 Electric slide adjustment device MAC,America
13 Main motor(speed adjustable) Kingair/TECO
14 Mechanical die height indicator Jinsong
15 Electric die height indicator Jingsong
16 Slide and mould balancing device Kingair
17 Crank Angle Indicator Kingair
18 Counter Guangqi,Taiwan
19 Air source Receptacle Fuji,Japan
20 Over-run Safety Device Fuji,Japan
21 Jet air device Kingair,Taiwan
22 Filter SMC,Japan
23 Pressure regulating valve SMC,Japan
24 Atomized lubricator SMC,Japan
25 Manual grease pump Ishan,Taiwan
26 Bearing NSK,Japan
27 Clutch OPMI
28 Swith button Fuji,Japan
29 Crank Edmund
30 A set of assitant tools WIGA,Taiwan

Auto Pressing Line Drawing

Factory scene:

Hong-Er Online Contact Way:


tel: 0086 755 28372363

fax: 0086 755 28372353

The press machine are widely used for manufacturing in the industries of aviation & aerospace,ship & vehicles,electroinc appliance,instruments and meters, medical facilities,hardward etc. 

The below are our customers's products pictures:



About the delivery time :

1. C-Type high speed press machine,Model: C-25,C-30,C-45 , the delivery time is about 25 workdays. Some times ,they are with stock.

2. H-Type high speed press machine,Model: H-30,H-45,H-65 ,the delivery time is about 35 workdays.Some times , they are with stock.

3. Zigzag servo feeder machine , Model: NCP-200 to NCP-800,the delivery time is about 20 workdays. But above NCP-800,the delivery time is       35 workdays. The machine is non-standard machine ,so no stock.

4. Servo feeder machine ,The coil width is 0-600 mm,the delivery time is about 15 workdays.

5. Uncoiler Straightener and servo feeder machine , the delivery time is about 25-55 workdays.

Remark: Usually the delivery time , you must confirm with us before you place order.

What Is The Order Process?

Inquiry for the machine-->offer with technical proposal and layout-->purchasing order-->payment-->production-->delivery-->installation.

What Is The Warranty Services For The Machine?

All of  Honger machine,such as high speed press machine, Feeder machine, uncoiler, decoiler, pressing machine will follow the list

warranty services. Warranty: One year of warranty service will be provided from the date the machine is delivered. For damage to

machine occurred in handling and failure not resulting from misuse during the warranty period, we will provide replacement of parts

and repair without charge.

The following failures are not covered by our warranty service:

A、Damage to parts due to operating machine in a voltage-changing environment without voltage regulator;

B、Failure resulting from unauthorized modification or handling;

C、Purchasing from agency or other manufacturer instead of us.

D、Failure caused by improper self-repair without instructions of our technician.

E、Damage resulting from natural disasters and circumstance beyond control.

F、Electrical parts and wearing parts are without warranties.

Would you provide OEM/ODM service ?

1.We are providing OEM services for our competitors from European country and Janpan company.

2.Hong-Er Machine is a professional factory of  high speed press machine, Automatic feeder machine, uncoiler machine/decoiler machine, straightener machine, decoielr straightener feeder, pressing machine etc.

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